T H E  L I T  B I T S
Copper Quad Candle Stick

4 stick copper candle holder
Copper Chandelier
(Foliage not included)

2 Available
Coconut Beaded Chandelier
$200.00 each
(Discounts apply when booking 2)

This Coconut Beaded Chandelier is even more stunning in real life... A super 1.5mtrs in diameter!!!

2 Available
Festoon Bulbs
$40.00 each string

Festoon String Lights... 24 bulbs per string, 16mtrs in length!!!

8 x Drop Pendant Festoon Available
8 x Normal Festoon Available

Lamp Shade Embellishment available on request...
Wrought Iron Candlearbra

6 arm

1 Available
5 Arm Table Candlearbra

1 Available
Festoon Light Poles + Sand Bags
Light Poles $15.00 each
Sand Bags $5.00 each

Festoon Light Poles...
(Can be pegged into grass or weights available)

8 available
Assorted Gold + Wooden Candle Holder
Please contact us for specific pricing...
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Copper Chandelier

$30.00each (Foliage not included) 2 Available