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Hi.... Our names are Fran + Kendall..... And we are Hordahollics!!!!


We are the ultimate mother and daughter combo, the young(me) and the slightly vintage (sorry mum)!!! Combined, we totally kick ass at styling events...


Our extreme passion for that perfect atmosphere, ensures you wont have to sweat the small stuff at your special event... Some would call it over the top, we call it attention to detail... Our pieces are modern + on point with current trending demands, which means you wont see them flooded in the market through other vendors... We plan on staying unique + are completely focused on expanding within our neiche...


We look forward to hearing from you + cant wait to discuss your event styling...


Fran + Kendall xx



"I cant put into words how perfect our wedding was. Speechless! Love everything you guys do!"

Ruby x


“These ladies turn the ordinary into extraordinary! No (fabulous) event should be without the creativity of Borrow My Bits"

Lorraine x


“Awesome concept and personalised touch to any event... thank you for having me be apart of it :0) <3 June Warry Photography”

June x

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